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(Fills must be scheduled within 4 weeks or it will become a new full set and you are required to maintain at least half of your extensions to be booked as a fill)

*Kenzie is not currently taking new lash clients but will continue to work on all existing Lash Room Clientele*


Eyelash Extensions Removal $35

Gel-based solvent is used to remove extensions without harming or damaging the natural lashes. Required if transitioning to a new set  from someone else's work that was damaging natural eyelashes from poor application and too much adhesive or improper length and diameter chosen for client's natural lashes.  Extensions cannot be re-applied for 48 hours once this is used. 


**Hard Wax is used for most waxing services**


Brow Tint $25

Eyebrow Wax $18

Brow Shaping and Tint $35

Brow Henna w/Mapping & Shaping $45

Brow and Lip Combo $30      

Lip Wax $15      Chin Wax $15     Nose Wax $15     Ear Wax $15         

The Wax Works  $45  *Any 3 facial waxing services*

Deluxe Lash Tint (Upper & Lower Lashes)  $30

Lash Tint (Only Upper) $25

Eyelash Lift (aka lash perm) $65 $5 Off 

Eyelash Lift w/ Tint $80 $10 Off

*All Services are Final Sales.  Prices are Always Subject to Change*

-Lash Extension Artist & Lash Lift Queen
        -Facial Waxing & Brow Design

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