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-Master Level Lash Artist -Eyebrow Extraordinaire & Certified Laser Specialist


**Please read my Blog FIRST on "How to Make the Most of Your Microblading Procedure", also found under the Blog Tab, so you can screen yourself for possible contraindications, ensuring you're a candidate for permanent cosmetics at this time, have a thorough understanding of your after-care guidelines and time frame of healing. Both cosmetic procedures are discussed in the blog and how to choose the correct one**


If you've received work on your brows elsewhere, I need to see you before you book your appointment. There is a 20-minute consultation on the online booking tab for people with existing eyebrow tattoos not applied by me. The $35 consultation fee will be applied to your service if we move forward, but I will not work on you unless I see you for a consultation first to discuss your options. A quick Pico Laser Removal Session may be needed if the existing color is too saturated for color correcting or the shape is botched.

Ombre Brow, Powder Brow, Combo Brow OR MicroBlading $350/175

First $350 session includes the full consultation of color, shape and mapping and technique that is most appropriate for your skin type, age of skin, condition of skin and desired outcome.

Powder and Ombre brows are suitable for the majority of skin types and for those that like a more "filled-in look" the way a brow powder or pomade provides, and the best option if your hair density is thick in some areas and very thin in others as this will blend better than microblading alone. For a combo brow, the beginning of the brow is microbladed with hair-like strokes or powdered gradient..  The remainder of the eyebrow is micro-shaded with a machine.  Color is fully saturated in the tail, gradually becoming lighter into the microbladed hair strokes or diluted for a  soft semi-sheer powdered background color throughout. Anyone with paper thin. sun damage, rosacea or red skin (in the T-Zone ) from other skin conditions is likely to ash out pigment from heavy bleeding and/or hyperpigmentation. 

For MicroBlading alone, this is a manual tattoo created by blading (cutting) in micro-strokes, or hair-like strokes into the skin, creating 2 symmetrical brows designed with your facial structure.  This type of cosmetic service is NOT suitable for all skin types and I will not microblade someone more than 3 times due to build-up of scar tissue and indentations it will create over time.****One 6-12 week touch-up is $115 a 3-6 month touch-up is $200.***

1-3 Year Maintenance Session $275

If I've done your microblading or microshading within the last 1-3 years and have had about 50% of your color fade, this maintenance session will boost and revive your pigment and shape back to it's full potential with mapping. Any color changes, shape or technique changes will also be addressed.  If more than 50% of fading occurs before receiving this booster, an additional touch-up may be needed.

Color Correction Session $200

If your brow tattoo has turned into a blue, gray, green, salmon or purple tone and has less than 50% saturation of color, I can neutralize the unwanted tone with a color correcting session, no mapping is done with this session. Color correction is required before new brows can be applied if they have turned one of those colors.

Cutera Enlighten Pico Laser Brow Microblading or Shading Removal Session $200 

Pre-Numbing is included for a nearly painless treatment! Cutera Enlighten III Laser Tattoo Removal is the fastest removal of microbladed or shaded tattooed eyebrows. No shaving off eyebrow hairs or using bandages for post-care, like other places will require you to do. There is no heat generated with picosecond technology so healing is simple and not unsightly. The amount of sessions needed is based on darkness, density, and placement of existing pigment but can be as little as one treatment if we are fading unwanted color and always within 2-3 if shape & and placement were poorly applied! This laser removal session WILL NOT DAMAGE THE SKIN like Saline Removal does! Also called LiFT removal, that uses a citric saline solution tattooed into the skin for the solution to pull pigment into the blood and scabs, leaving hyper-pigmented tissue damage. With laser removal, the light energy passes HARMLESSLY through the skin to the pigment, shattering it into tiny pieces that the body re-absorbs, flushing it through the lymph system.


Amount of Sessions Needed has Many Variables, Such As the Age of the Tattoo, Ingredients of Your Ink, Saturation Level & Where It Is on Your Body. You can lighten them enough for a great cover-up, or completely eliminate them! The Cutera Enlighten III Laser is the newest, state-of-the-art pico laser technology with 3 different wavelengths to eliminate any color of tattoo on any skin type in half the amount of sessions vs the old-school Q-Switch Lasers with 1 to 2 wavelengths only in nanoseconds.  The Cutera Enlighten uses photo-acoustics in nanoseconds AND picoseconds, which shatters the ink into the tiniest particles possible for your body to absorb and flush through your lymph system with an extremely fast recovery time. We can do multiple passes in one treatment alone, without damaging the skin and reducing the total amount of treatments needed. You will not find this laser technology or expertly trained skillset from any other laser technician in the Springfield, MO area.

Don't Worry About the Pain! Pre-Numbing is Available! Email JoHanna with a picture of your ink, first and last name, & cell #, and she will reply within 24hrs with your consent and pre-post care paperwork for you to sign electronically to approve your booking! Info@TheLashRoomAndBrowBar.Com. If you have multiple tattoos in different body areas, a special package price can be arranged.

Packages per treatment area available for 4, 5, or 6 pre-paid sessions: 15% off of 4, 20% off of 5, and 25% off of 6 treatments. *Once the tattoo shrinks in square inches, pricing will go down accordingly.*

Micro Tattoo  $50 

Up to 1 Square Inch, per session

Tiny Tattoo  $100 

Up to 2 Square Inches. per session

Small Tattoo  $250 

Up to 5 Square Inches, per session

Medium Tattoo  $400 

Up to 8 Square Inches, per session

Large Tattoo  $750

Up to 12 Square Inches, per session

Half Sleeve  $1000

Front and back upper Arm from Shoulder to Elbow or Lower Arm from Wrist to Elbow, per session

Full Sleeve  $1500

Front and Back of  Upper Arm from Shoulder to Elbow or Lower Arm from Wrist to Elbow, per session


Laser treatments with PICO Enlighten reduce melasma patches and hyperpigmented spots from your skin, evening out skin tone without pain or downtime. The light energy from the PICO Enlighten laser system targets the discoloration without damaging the surrounding skin. The pigmentation absorbs the light energy and breaks it into tiny pieces, which are absorbed by the body.

The laser energy targets only the darkened patches of melasma with a 1064nm wavelength at 750 picoseconds with photoacoustic technology, NO HEAT, leaving the surrounding skin untouched and hyperpigmentation reduced. All other lasers on the market generate heat and will activate melanocytes, darkening the melasma. 

With the 670nm wavelength at 660 picoseconds, we target benign pigmented spots from age, sun, medication or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that blemishes leave behind, that will slough off and lighten post-treatment! These painless procedures have little to no downtime and with this 3-wave PICO laser technology, this pigment removal is safe and an extremely effective method for treating even the most serious cases of melasma and hyperpigmentation for ALL skin types and colors. *Cutera Enlighten Consent Forms w/Pre & Post-Care Forms will be emailed to read & sign electronically, within 24hrs of receiving your booking request*

Face & Jawline Global Pico Genesis  Laser Treatment for Melasma & Benign Hyperpigmentation  $250

Spaced 2-4 weeks apart, a series of 3 to 6 treatments is recommended for the best results of stubborn pigments, such as melasma which is a hormonal, life-long issue but can be significantly reduced to a "barely-there" appearance or completely faded! Energy settings will be based on the type of pigment being removed, but globally, we will cover the entire skin's surface area. An annual winter maintenance session is recommended to keep all forms of hyperpigmentation to a minimum once desired level of lightening is achieved after your series, as well as recommended brightening topicals and melanocyte blockers. *Pain-free and no downtime*

Neck & Decollete Global Pico Genesis Laser Treatment for All Benign Hyperpigmentation  $150

With 1064nm and 750 picoseconds, we will cover the entire skin surface area to erase sun damage and age spots with a global application of Pico Genesis on your neck and chest. Add it to your face and jaw treatment or treat it by itself! *Pain-free and no downtime* 

Hands Pico Genesis Laser Skin Lightening $100

Erase sun damage and age spots with a global application of Pico Genesis Laser Treatment, covering the entire skin surface on both hands. Add-on to another Pico treatment or just a la carte. No downtime, and quick results!

15 Mins Of Pico Spot Treatment Removal Of Brown Spots, PIH, & Active Acne ADD-ON $65

This is a quick add-on treatment only, for anyone getting another service by me at the same appointment. With 670nm & 660 picoseconds,  we will zap individual hyperpigmented spots on your body for 15 mins: sun spots, age spots, freckles, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from blemishes.

30 Mins Of Pico Spot Treatment Removal Of Brown Spots, PIH & Active Acne $125

With 670nm & 660 picoseconds,  we will zap individual hyperpigmented spots on your body for 30 mins: sun spots, age spots, freckles, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from blemishes. 30 mins: sun spots, age spots, freckles, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from blemishes.

Pico Genesis FX  Laser Resurfacing Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation & Bening Pigment Spot Treatment of Face & Jawline $325

Spaced 4- weeks apart, a series of 3-4 treatments is recommended for complete surface rejuvenation of acne scars and skin texture (skin quality, pores, radiance & wrinkles), and increases collagen and elastin deep from within the dermis to the surface. With a Micro Lense Array attached to the handpiece, fractionating the 1064nm PS laser beam, WITHOUT causing ablative damage with long downtimes and increased risk of hyperpigmentation and infection that CO2 and Fraxel can cause. Redness and mild swelling is resolved within 2-3 days of this treatment. This treatment also includes spot treatment to reduce any benign pigment on the face and jawline.


(Fills must be scheduled within 4 weeks or it will become a new full set, for EXISTING Lash Room Clients only* JoHanna is not taking new lash clients at this time, but will continue to work on any current client of The Lash Room and Brow Bar *


Eyelash Extensions Removal $35

Gel-based solvent is used to remove extensions without harming or damaging the natural lashes. Required if transitioning to a new set from someone else's work that was damaging natural eyelashes from poor application and too much adhesive or improper length and diameter chosen for client's natural lashes.  Extensions cannot be re-applied for 48 hours once this is used. 


**Hard Wax is used for face and body waxing services**


Eyebrow Lamination $65 *Includes Shaping and Tint

Brown Henna Hybrid w/Mapping & Shaping $45

Brow Tint $20

Eyebrow Wax or Threading $20 

Brow Shaping and Tint $37.50

Lip Wax $15   

Brow and Lip Combo $35         

Chin Wax $15     Nose Wax $15   Ear Wax $15    

The Wax Works  $45  *Any 3 waxing services  

Deluxe Lash Tint (Upper & Lower Lashes) $20

Lash Tint (Upper lashes only) $25


*All Services are Final Sales. Prices are Always Subject to Change*

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