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**This is a booking request. You will receive a text & email when we accept or reject your appointment request within 24 hours of submission once booking forms have been signed. Your email will have a note from us if it is declined. Your booking time requested may be slightly adjusted up to 15 mins when accepted and acceptance is NOT guaranteed ""  

Please use the blue "Sign In" button on the lower right if you've booked with us before.

Once you submit your booking request, you will receive TWO emails from us, one is a confirmation that the request was received for review, the second is a Cancellation & Booking Consent Contract. If you have never filled out this form, we will not approve your booking request until you return the completed form within 24 hours of receiving it. Due to an excessive amount of last minute cancellations, no-shows and declined cards, we are now requiring a $1 non-refundable, non-transferable card authorization to accept your booking and that card saved to your account. Your request will not go though if your card declines and you will not be re-booked if your card declines in lieu of our cancellation policy

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You can now text 417.319.1234 to see about a same-day appointment!

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