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Classic, Volume Hybrid, Volume & Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions 

CLICK HERE to book with one of our amazing, highly trained Lash Specialists

Lash Extension pricing is based on experience, skill level, and the type of extensions that are applied. We provide a complete, complimentary aftercare bundle with your full set to keep your lash line healthy and extensions fabulous between visits. 

We only do handmade volume work, NO manufactured fans. This is timely, tedious, and a skill that takes years to develop.


A note from the owner...

Handmade volume work is becoming obsolete due to manufactured fans now available because they are fast and easy but they DO NOT look or bond to the hair the same way. Handmade fans have exceptional bonds to the natural lash and every fan we make is customized in length, diameter and weight for each individual client's needs.

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