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Our service menu's are unique to each of our individual artists. You will find full descriptions and pricing of the services we offer under our individual menus and pricing for eyelash extensions and brow shaping is based on level of expertise and experience. We all uphold the same level of quality and standards regardless of who you choose to book with and cannot wait to meet you!

If you wish to book an appointment with more than one person, you will complete one booking then log back into Square from the Appt Request tab and book the other appointment because everyone's schedule is a little different and we stay consistently booked out weeks at a time


Please note, that individual results will vary.  Everyone's skin is different and everyone's natural lashes are different! Your skin and lash health is of the utmost importance to us and we will only provide services that do not jeopardize their integrity.


If you are a new lash client and not ecstatic with your full set, there are 4 of us to choose from! We work as a team and want to make sure you love your lashes as much as we do.

You will see the projected length of your service time when scheduling your visit from the Request an Appointment tab.  If you need to be somewhere before the given service time allotted ends, please choose another option or understand that the price will still be the same . We work within a 15 minute window start time. If you are over 15 minutes late, this is not enough time to complete your service before the next one starts. A service fee will be incurred and you will be re-booked for a later date.


Have questions? Feel free to email or text them to us and we will reply to them as soon as we can.

The following guidelines apply for all eyelash extension services and will help you prepare for your appointment and home care:

-Up to 125 extensions are applied on each eye at a full set. If you are one of the few lucky ones that have exceptionally thick lashes, you will need a 1.5 hour fill when you come back to get you to 90%-100% full or an immediate mini fill.

-Up to 60 extensions are applied to each eye on fills scheduled within 3 weeks of one another (mini fills excluded). A 1.5 hour fill is required for fills that are spaced 3-4 weeks apart from each other. 50% retention is required to be considered a fill. If you have less than half of your extensions on, you need to move up your time in-between fills and we will help you figure out your retention issues. If you are a new client fill and have less than half of your extensions on, you will be re-booked to come back and finish your full set..

-If you are unable to be filled within 4 weeks of your previous appointment, any fills scheduled outside of 4 weeks are subject to cancelation if you do not contact us ahead of time to re-arrange them. If you fall outside of a 4 week schedule, booking a new set is required or back-to-back fills to get you caught up.

-Constant movement of your eyes, head, and/or body prevents us from isolating and landing our extensions on one natural lash and getting adhesive in areas it's not intended for, slowing down our ability to get you fully extended in the time-frame allotted

-If you come to your fills with oily or dirty extensions from current or old makeup, they will be washed before starting as this inhibits the bonding ability of the adhesive to the natural lash, and this also shortens how many extensions are applied at your fill. 

-Wearing mascara of any kind on handmade volume fans closes and straightens them as these extensions are extremely fine in diameter, ruining how they look, clumping them together and weighing down the natural lash, causing premature shedding and thinning of the natural lash line. We will NOT replace fans that you ruin by going against our advised aftercare and consent form.

-Sleeping with your face in your pillow rubs off your extensions! If you are a stomach sleeper we advise against eyelash extension services.

-Your lashes must be long enough to extend. If we cannot apply our shortest lengths on you, we advise a lash extension-safe growth serum used nightly until they are long enough to extend. You may then go to every-other night

-Your need to remain completely shut so that fumes do not leave a chemical burn on the cornea. If at any time during your service they start burning, PLEASE tell us so adjustments are made. Eyes will remain blood shot and red for up to 4 days after the appointment if your seal is broken and your eyes are sensitive to the fumes

-Lash Bath and cleansing brush is provided to you at no cost with a full set and required to use nightly for makeup removal on and around the eyes as well as keeping the lash line clean of oils, skin and sleep build-up. When used nightly, as directed, your extensions stay on longer and your natural lashes will not thin out from clogged follicles. Always rinse off well, blot lashes dry with a paper towel  and do not brush them when they are wet!

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