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**BEFORE BOOKING Please read my Blog FIRST on "How to Make the Most of Your Microblading Procedure", also found under the Blog Tab, so you can screen yourself for possible contraindications, ensuring you're a candidate for permanent cosmetics at this time, have a thorough understanding of your after-care guidelines and time frame of healing. Both cosmetic procedures are discussed in the blog and how to choose the correct one for you skin type and existing brow hairs , if any**

Booking link is at the bottom of the blog


If you've received work on your brows elsewhere, I need to see you BEFORE you book your session.  There is a 20 minute consultation on the online booking tab for people with existing eyebrow tattoos not applied by me. The $35 consultation fee will be applied to your service if we move forward, but I will not work on you unless I see you for a consultation first to discuss your options and if I can even help. For all cosmetic brow service pricing CLICK HERE

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This manual technique cuts open the epidermal layer and implants pigment right below it, on top of the dermis, with a "blade" constructed of several tiny pins, perpendicular to the skin. The individual pins are how the hairstrokes are created once healed in. This procedure is NOT suitable for a lot of skin types because of the damage it causes to the skin, effecting healed color results and how crisp the lines are. It is also will not blend out dense patches of hair. For more details, read the blog linked above. Average maintenance for this procedure, once initial 2 sessions are complete is around 12-16 months, depending on skin type, lifestyle and type of pigment used in the skin. CLICK HERE for pricing


This is a filled in look, just like brow powder creates, with a dark to light gradient in the bulb for a soft transition into the skin without any harsh lines. Depending on your preferred level of saturation, they can be super soft with less passes and diluted pigment up to fully saturated like a brow pomade would be. Most people prefer to be in the middle with a soft powder effect that most people can maintain with a session every 2 years.

Ombre Powder Brows

This is a combination of hair strokes at the beginning of the brow transitioning into microshading from the body of the brow through the tail. This is the most popular cosmetic brow procedure because you get the long lasting effects of the powder brow in the areas you need to enhance the most (your arch and tail) combined with the artistry and natural lines of microblading in the bulb. Normal maintenance once initial 2 sessions are complete is around 2 years, depending on skin type, lifestyle and type of pigment used in the skin.

Ombre Combo Brows
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