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Cutera Enlighten III Laser Tattoo Removal of Body Art & PMU Brows

The Cutera Enlighten III Laser is the newest and most advance light energy platform on the market today. It is equipped with 3 different wavelengths: 1064nm, 670nm & 532nm, all in one device, to eliminate ANY color of tattoo ink or permanent makeup pigments, safe for all skin types and skin colors, You will generally need HALF the sessions it would take with an old-school, traditional ND:Yag nanosecond Q-Switch Lasers or a pico laser equipped with only one wavelength, limiting removal capabilities of all ink colors & saturation levels.

By using photo-acoustic technology in nanosecond AND picosecond pulse durations, the ink absorbs the light energy, passing harmlessly through the skin, and shattered into tiny particles. Your body absorbs these tiny molecules and flushes them through your lymphatic system with fast recovery time, and minimal pain with our powerful pre-numbing topical anesthetic to keep your treatments fast and comfortable! CLICK HERE for pricing, current specials & booking or text 417.319.1234 with any questions.


  • Pregnancy

  • undergoing treatment for skin cancer

  • Skin that's been in direct sun, tanning beds or self tanner within the last 14 days

  • accutane within the last year

  • active cancer, chemo w/in the last year or skin cancer w/in 2"s of treated area

  • currently prescribed photo-sensitizing drugs

  • Sensitizing skin-care products within the last 30 days w/in 2" of  treated area: all retinols ,AHA's, BP, chemical peels, or hydroquinone


  • We offer a fantastic topical anesthetic to pre-numb that you'll come get before your appt.

  • We also have ice packs for immediately after!

HOW MANY Treatments do I Need?


  •  The total number of treatments required varies based on ink density, ink color, professional/amateur of laser tech, body location, efficiency of the patient’s lymphatic system, etc. spaced 6-8 weeks apart

  •  Some low-density older or faded tattoos may clear in as few as two to three sessions.

  • Newer, dark, high-density tattoos may require more sessions.

  • Not all tattoos will fully clear.

  • Tattoos located on limbs and extremities will take more sessions based on distance from the heart.

  • If treating tattoo ink in scar tissue (including scarring associated with the tattoo placement), higher fluences andmore sessions may be required.


  • NO SUN or Tanning beds for 4 weeks or in-between treatments

  • SPF 30 or higher required after 2 weeks of dry healing

  • Only use Dove Sensitive Skin Bar Soap to lightly clean in the p.m.

  • Do not put anything on the treated area for 10 days except ice packs for 24 hours afterwards and a very thin layer of vaseline if they become itchy over the next 2 weeks

  • Skin sensitizing serums or topicals remain off the treatment area in-between sessions and not within a 2" perimeter for 30 days before treatment


  • Permanent Makeup pigments are significantly lightened with just one treatment as long as placement of pigment is not deeper than it should and WILL NOT DAMAGE THE SKIN like Saline Removal does

  • 1 Session is usually enough to remove unwanted color like dense blues, grays or green.

  • Full removal of both brows or a botched shape will take 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart

  • New beautiful brows can be tattooed on 8 weeks after your removal!

Say goodbye to your botched brows or body tattoo regret! We have a powerful pre-numb to keep you comfortable and treatment that's so fast, it's over FAST!

The Cutera Enlighten uses photo-acoustics in nanoseconds AND picoseconds, which shatters the ink into the tiniest particles possible for your body to absorb and flush through your lymph system with an extremely fast recovery time. We are able to do multiple passes in one treatment alone, without damaging the skin and reducing the total amount of treatments needed. You will not find this laser technology or expertly trained skillset from any other laser technician in the Springfield, MO area.

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