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Classic Eyelash Extension Specialist for Beautiful Yet Natural Results


(When booking your full set or new client fill, it is advised to schedule at least one fill, within 2.5-3 weeks to ensure you get the time slot that works with your schedule.)

Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions $155 

The original eyelash extensions, a one-to-one application of a single extension bonded to a single natural eyelash. This set is not advisable for thin and/or weak natural lashes. *Free bottle of lash cleanser and make-up remover provided with every full set to properly maintain your extensions for optimal retention and health of your lash line*


(Fills must be scheduled within 4 weeks or it will become a new full set and you are required to maintain at least half of your extensions to be booked as a fill)

30 Minute Mini Fill $40

A super quick touch-up, perfect for special occasions and emergencies.

45 Minute Classic Fill $50

Typically booked any time within a week of the last fill or full set. Also used when your normal time slot is not available or additional time was needed and we couldn't get you full at your last appt, but need to see you sooner than 2-3 weeks out!

 1 Hour Classic Fill $60

Booked for any time up to 14 days since the last weekly fill or full set. Will have shed up to approximately 40 natural lashes in this time frame and will be in and out in an hour or less.  Typical for clients with less than average natural lash density, with retention issues from improper maintenance of after-care guidelines or a damaged lash-line. Must be at a minimum of 40-50% extension retention to be considered a fill.

75 Minute Classic Fill $70

Booked every 15-21 days. Will have shed up to approximately 60 natural lashes in this time frame. This is the optimal time for a refill for clients with average to thick density of natural lashes and a good retention rate from proper after-care. Must be at a minimum of 40-50% extension retention to be considered a fill.

1.5 Hr Classic Fill $80

Booked for any time between 22-30 days from the previous set or fill. Only recommended for the client with above average natural lash density (approx 150 natural lashes on each eye) and/or excellent after-care. Must be at a minimum of 40-50% extension retention to be considered a fill.


Eyelash Extensions Removal $35

Gel-based solvent is used to remove extensions without harming or damaging the natural lashes. Required if transitioning to a new set  from someone else's work that was damaging natural eyelashes from poor application and too much adhesive or improper length and diameter chosen for client's natural lashes.  Extensions cannot be re-applied for 48 hours once this is used. 

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