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Foundation Skills Classic Lash Extensions Theory, Techniques & Application Training Class




The proper education is vital to learn, build and grow a successful and legitimate lash business, produce quality lash extension services, keep your client's natural lashes strong and healthy and educate them on proper aftercare.


Foundation Classic Lash Training: $900 A Non-refundable deposit of $450 is required to book the class. Class times and deposits are non-transferable and will not be refunded once your class is booked, no exceptions, so be sure you can make the date you sign up for. Student Agreement form must be initialed and signed  when paying the deposit. Remaining balance of $450 is due no later than 7 days before your class date. Failure to pay on time eliminates your spot in that class and a new deposit is required to schedule another class date. Your manual is given to you when your class is completely paid for. You are responsible for securing a model that can attend  from 2pm-5:30pm,  A full kit and training manual valued at $250, and lifelong text and email support comes with the class. These classes are held from 9:30am-6pm Sundays, once a month. Contact JoHanna via email, text (number is in the footer, or fill out a form on the "contact" tab to reserve your spot. Please do not call the shop or come in without an appo9intment, as I am with clients all day long and will reply to your text or email within 24-48 hours. I require a minimum of 2 people signed up to hold these classes. Lash extension regulations vary from state-to-state. The Lash Room and Brow Bar, LLC  and any of it's affiliates are not responsible for student's work and/or their model  and client's outside of this training class.. It is up to you to determine your state regulations, do not ask me for legal questions that an attorney would answer, Specific licensing is NOT required to take this class and learn how to do eyelash extensions.

When you pay your deposit and book the class, part of your kit will be given to you to practice on your mannequin at home. We will either set up an appointment for you to come into the shop for a live demo, or I will mail you this part of your kit with an emailed demo video:

mannequin head, practice strip lashes, classic lash tray, tweezers, adhesive, sponges and glue rings.

This is for you to be practicing on a daily basis before working on your live model at the class. When you pick up this portion of your kit, I will demo how to set up your mannequin, applying a couple of extensions, how to hold your tweezers, and proper care of your adhesive.

Other items in your kit given the day of training:  (3) Mixed Length Classic Lash Trays, USB Handheld Fan, Nano-Mister, (50) Hydrogel Lint-Free Under Eye Pads, (50) Micro-tip Applicators, (50) Flocked Tip Applicators, (2) Lint-Free Micropore Tape, (50) Disposable Lash Wands, Foam Lash Bath and Cleansing Brush, Gel Remover, and a 5ml Eyelash Extension Adhesive

What's covered in your manual: Purpose and Function of natural lashes, understanding the growth phases and lash shedding; Decontamination, Health and Safety; Allergies vs Sensitivities; Contraindications; Consultations and Waiver of Liability; Client Care; Lash Hygiene and After Care; Eyelash Extension Product Knowledge, curls, diameters, etc; Step-by-step Taping and Application Process; Lash Fills; Lash Removals; Lash Design, eye shapes, corrections and mapping; Room Set-up with equipment and furniture lists; business practices, building clientele, pricing and marketing; insurance requirements, business licensing; and a list of valuable resources and websites.

Certification Requirements: You will be required to apply 25 PERFECT bonds on each eye as well as passing a written  test with a 90%.  Failure to do so will require a future follow-up date that coordinates with both of our schedules.  I will not certify you unless  both requirements are met that day. Another chance at testing and certification at a later date is priced at $80/hour. 







Next Class Date: Sunday May 30th 9:30am-6pm

To sign up for the 5/30/2021 class, print this PDF form, fill out in writing, and scan or send a picture of both pages back to

I will email you your deposit invoice once I receive it.

Deadline to sign up is 5/09/2021


1-on-1 Hourly Training-$80/Hr.

Have you already received training but need more? Lash mapping, eye correcting and design are advanced aspects of lash extensions, as well as capping, stacking and handmade volume fans. I have an entire chapter dedicated to lash design in my class, but as a new lash artist, focusing on perfectly bonded one-to-one lashes, direction, and mastering isolation and separation skills are what is required for a solid technical foundation.


Not all classic lash training's offer a section of lash design. Some training's do not go into detail on understanding the growth cycle or how to build thickness and structure in a set with layering. Did they teach how to correctly do a fill?


 Maybe you already know these things but want some guidance in different fan building techniques,  choosing the right fan diameter or lash wrapping for super strong bonds? Do your client's struggle with retention? Bring one in and we can evaluate your process from consultation to aftercare, what humidity your room is at or if your adhesive dries too quickly for your pace. Client's should be able to go (if they want to) 3-3.5 weeks and maintain 50% of their extensions. If your client's can barely make it 2 weeks, there are several reasons why (and it may or may not be your client's fault!) Either way, 1 hour with you and your client and I can almost guarantee I will figure out the changes that need to be made so that your extensions stay bonded for the life of the lash or until you replace it!

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