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Eyelash Extension After-Care: Preventing Lash Mite Mania and Blepharitis

I provide a free bottle of lash cleanser with a full set of extensions. All new clients agree and sign a consent form ,that we go over in detail, initialing next to the do's and don'ts of eyelash extensions and after-care. I use to hand out an after-care card to all new clients but over time, I realized they were being thrown away. More and more, I'm asking a lot of the same questions to the same people, "are you washing your lashes regularly?", "are you putting on unadvised makeup or sleeping in your makeup?", "can you see the build-up in your lash line?" "why are your lashes are all stuck together with black shit?" I already know the answers to the questions I ask because I know what extensions look like when they are not being taken care of correctly, and I can see in magnified detail, what's on your eyelashes! Unfortunately, it's more and more Blepharitis and lash mite infestations. Why? Because people say they are "afraid" to wash their lash extensions. You should be afraid of what happens if you don't, because it will, its only a matter of time. I don't ask these questions to make you feel bad or to put you down. It's my ethical and professional responsibility to educate you and hold you accountable for the health risks involved with improper after-care of the service I am providing you, prevent it from happening at the level below when I see early signs and symptoms, and the bad habits that will get you there quickly.

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