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Volume, Volume Hybrid & Classic Eyelash Extensions: What's the difference?

     So what IS the difference between a volume lash set, a hybrid volume set, and classic lash set? A true volume set of eyelash extensions involves 2D-16D handmade fans, applied to each individual natural lash. The dimension chosen depends on the strength and health of the client's natural lashes. Unless the natural lashes are damaged or very fine, the average person can handle 2D-8D in a lightweight fan made of diameters ranging from a .10 diameter (2D), to a .07 (3D-4D) and .06 or .05 for 4D-8D. Higher dimensions require the smallest diameter lash extensions, such as the .04 and .03, creating a mega volume fan in 9D-16D.

     There are "speed volume" lashes being applied from several  businesses in and around Springfield, MO.  These are not true volume lashes. Volume lash extensions take time to hand make and fan out. They do not look like a clump of lashes were pulled from a strip and adhered to the natural lash...which is what speed volume lashing is and requires no skill. It's very harmful to the natural lash because of how heavy they are (too many are picked up at a time and not strategically made for the individual you are working on) and you should not pay volume prices for this.  Below, is a good illustration of what legit volume fans look like.

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    Volume lash extensions take years and years to master. I offer volume hybrid lash extensions, which can also be called Kim K lashes, when styled with high alternating peaks of fans and classic lashes together. Volume hybrid eyelash extensions and full volume sets have a variety of benefits that you cannot achieve with classic one to one lash extensions.  If your natural lashes are not very thick, a volume hybrid set will make them look fuller and fill in empty space. Classic lashes only emphasize low density natural lashes. You cannot wear any mascara or upper lid liner