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Bikini Waxing Vs Brazilian Body Waxing: The differences and Aftercare

September 15, 2019

Our Esthetician, Alexa, is our new in-house Body Waxing Specialist. So basically everything on your body can be waxed. There are different types of wax made for the type of hair you are removing so that you do not cause damage to the skin. For Bikini and Brazilian waxing, hard wax is the best choice as it only adheres to the hair and not your which waxing service do you book...?


Before your waxing appointment, you should decide how much hair you want removed. With the Bikini wax, only the hair along the bikini line, top and inner thigh area is removed. The Bikini Plus removes more hair, going slightly higher on both sides of the bikini line. For an entirely bare wax, choose the Brazilian where everything is removed, including the hair on the labia and buttocks. Even with the Brazilian, many women choose to leave a small patch of hair or “landing strip” above the vulva. Alexa's service menu and booking can be found here:


They say, "The First Will Be the Worst"


Yes, waxing can be painful, but you’ll be fine! It is very quick. Everybody’s pain tolerance is different, but the good news is that waxing does get easier the more times you do it. If you wax every 3-4 weeks, you will have less hair to remove, making it less painful. Because women are more sensitive during their period, it is advised they not wax 5 days prior and 5 days after. Pregnancy can also make that area more sensitive.

Prep for Success Allow 3 weeks of growth from your last shave and 4 weeks from your last wax. Hair has to be at least ¼ inches long for a proper wax. If your hair is too long, however, it will need to be trimmed.


DO: Wear lose clothing to your waxing appointment. Tight clothing can irritate your skin after waxing, causing ingrown hairs to develop.


DON’T: Drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks before your appointment. This can cause your pores to tighten, making for a more painful experience.


Post-wax Care


Proper home-care after waxing is very important. It is normal to have bumps, redness,


Body Waxing Aftercare

pimples, itching, breakout, and stubble. Be sure to avoid heat, direct sun, friction, exfoliation, hot tubs, baths and working out for 12-24 hours. If it is your first time waxing, wait 24-48 hours.


A cream or serum that aides in minimizing ingrown hairs is highly recommended (we retail what you need). And you want to exfoliate the waxed area a few times a week. If you are new to waxing, it will take a good three months of regular waxing (every 3-4 weeks) to have all your hair growth in the same phase. As tempting as it will be, do not tweeze or shave in between waxing services.



If you have been considering this service, you are in good hands with Alexa, at The Lash Room and Brow Bar. Save time in the shower and throw that razor away! Book your body waxing appointment with Alexa here: