How to Make the Most of Your Microblading Procedure: Screening Yourself for Contraindications and Preparing for After-Care Guidelines

This blog is written for those considering eyebrow microblading and/or microshading, to screen yourself for contraindications, which makes this service inadvisable, to eliminate an in-person consultation. If you do not have any of the contraindications listed in this blog, and are able to completely follow your after-care instructions, you are ready to book!


If you have had previous eyebrow tattooing done by someone other than us, you are required to book the free color correction consult so we can see you in person and evaluate what the following steps will be, if any, before you book online.


If this is your first time, this blog is required reading before going to the "Request an Appointment" button to reserve your service through our online booking system. We require microblading appointments to be booked online because they are a large time slot and we ask that you consent to our cancellation policy upon booking. Additionally, we do not have a receptionist so we have designed this for ease of use for you and us, and you can find a time slot that works with your schedule and ours.


 So there are a few things to consider before making your microblading appointment that can effect how well your skin holds the pigment. Therefor there is a time-frame you will want to wait if using any of these medications listed below, any of these topical skin treatments, and a few miscellaneous things you want to avoid/cannot do before and after microblading for the best results (every one of these items WILL effect your healed results if you book and have a listed contraindication or unable to follow after-care guidelines):




 -Pregnant or Breast Feeding


-Hiistory of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring

-Have Cancer or undergone Chemotherapy/radiation within the last year (consult your doctor)

-Current Viral infections and/or diseases


-Been on Accutane within the last year

-A Pacemaker or major heart problems

-Had an organ transplant

-Skin irritations, Red flushed skin/Rosacea, Excema, or Psoriasis on or near the treated area (rashes, sunburn or peeling, severe acne, etc)

-Sick (cold, flu, etc) You want your immune system strong and healthy for your healing process 

-Heart conditions, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Poor general health

-History of MRSA 

-Sun damaged, thin or couperous skin

-Allergic to Iron, Lidocaine, Tetracaine, Epinepherine, Dermacaine, Benzyl alcohol, Carbopol, Lecithin, Proplyne Glycol, Lanolin, or Vitamin E Acetate

-Any treatments, medications, or illness that compromises your immune system/healing

-Cannot have used ANY hair growth serum on the eyebrows for at least 6 weeks, otherwise the healed color will be discolored and splotchy

-Cannot have brows waxed for at least 3 days prior to appt.

-If receiving Botox or Dysport, full paralysis of the muscles treated needs to be in effect, so a minimum of 2 weeks prior to Microblading appointment.

-Have used Accutane in the past year

-No laser resurfacing or chemical peels 60 before OR 60 days after (brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin)